MAV Straw Spreader: Field Tested

Ryan Hennenfent

"We field tested the MAV chopper on our CAT 460 combine and were very impressed with the spreading capabilities and the fineness of the chopped straw. This year's biggest test was to see how it would perform in 3000 acres of flax."

"We were extremely happy when the MAV shredded and spread the straw the width of the header and all preparations for seeding in the spring were taken care of. It's performance was amazing even in tough conditions. By eliminating the need for heavy harrowing and bunching it paid for itself in one year."

- Ryan Hennenfent
Caronport, Saskatchewan

Ryan Hennenfent

"The New Holland CR970 combine, with the Saskatchewan built headers, backed up by the Saskatchewan built Redekop straw and chaff management system, is the best in its class here in Western Canada. To direct seed a 16,000 acre farm, every decision is dominated by straw and chaff management."

"The Redekop system has proven its ability to handle the residue efficiently and affordably, year after year, so that one-pass seeding is always achievable. On our farm, Redekop is the best in its class."

- Les McGrath
Leroy, Saskatchewan