Redekop has designed blade upgrade kits to work with most major combine brands and models sold in North America. Follow the link to our “Product Selector” to see if we have an upgrade kit that works with your combine.

Our engineers have designed our blades to provide you with the best quality for optimum performance and value. The benefit of Redekop’s blades are better cut, long life and efficient power usage.

Each Redekop blade upgrade kit comes with the right combination of high-quality carbide-coated blades, bolts, nuts and bushings to complete your conversion.

Better Cut

Conversion to Redekop blades will noticeably increase the chop quality of your combine. Redekop blades wear to a sharp, serrated edge to provide the best possible straw-cutting action. Many factory blades were not designed with this in mind - they wear to a dull, blunt edge. In side-by-side tests, customers are amazed at the improvement the Redekop blades make.

Long Life

Redekop coats all our upgrade blades with high-quality carbide. Our engineers have optimized the placement and amount of carbide needed to provide the longest life and sharpest cut.

Redekop’s straight blades are designed for a reversible mounting to give twice the wear, compared to uni-directional factory blades.

Efficient Power Usage

By using carbide coating on the blades, Redekop blades self-sharpen and slice through straw with less force than winged blades or non-carbide–coated blades, which tend to blunt quickly.

Sharper blades will cut the straw more efficiently and save you power.

Replacement Blades

In addition to our high-quality Blade Upgrade Kits, Redekop also offers Replacement Blades. Redekop Replacement Blades offer you the same quality long-life blades to fit your standard factory chopper without the bolts, nuts and bushings.

See the “Product Selector” to determine if we have Replacement Blades available for your combine.

Redekop Blade Upgrades and Replacement Blades are designed to provide you with the best quality blades, saving you time and money.
Visit our “Product Selector