About Redekop™ Manufacturing

Since 1985, Redekop has developed innovative solutions for residue management. Located on the outskirts of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Redekop focuses on developing innovative harvest technologies that reduce labour and improve a farmer's profitability.

Redekop works closely with equipment manufacturers to develop and provide technological support for residue management equipment. Redekop is the leading supplier of straw chopper technology to combine manufacturers and has placed Redekop technology on over 25,000 combine harvesters worldwide. In fact, Redekop straw and chaff management technology is now standard equipment on many new combine models.






As a manufacturer of straw chopper upgrades for combines, Redekop has developed the Maximum Air Velocity (MAV) technology for superior residue management. The MAV technology surpasses any other product on the market today, achieving the widest spread and finest cut available. The MAV chopper rotor is available to upgrade the performance of many original equipment choppers.

In its 35,000 square foot manufacturing plant outside of Saskatoon, Redekop uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to produce high-quality, dependable products for customers world wide.