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Replacement Blades for CaseIH combines

Redekop is releasing replacement blades for CaseIH factory straw choppers.  Redekop blades feature more carbide and have the carbide placed at the cutting end of the blades for a longer life and better cutting performance.

Redekop blades are designed to self sharpen as they wear.  The harder carbide material on the blade wears to a sharp serrated edge as the parent material of the blade naturally wears away.

Redekop blades will last longer, self sharpen, and cut better resulting in less power requirements.  And the best part - they cost less!

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Replacement Blades for John Deere factory choppers

Redekop is releasing MAV Upgrade and Replacment Blade kits for John Deere combines.

STS 70 series and S series MAV upgrade kits feature fully reversable blades - for Twice the Life!  Redekop blades are coated with more carbide and in the proper locations.  Factory blades wear to a blunt edge while Redekop blades self sharpen to a sharp serrated edge!

STS 50 and 60 series kits include blades with more carbide and fully coated straight carbide blades.

These small changes will increase the chop quality of your residue, reduce power requirements, give you longer blade life and lower your costs - saving you time and money!

Replacement blades are available a number of other combine models.

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New Videos Added

As they say "A picture is worth a thousand words", but video really tells the story.

We have compiled the best videos recorded over the last few years.  Some of the finest shots are the side by side video taken with a MAV Residue Manager on the back of the one combine, and an OEM chopper on the back of an identical combine - take a look at - I'm sure you will be able to see the difference.


New Equipment is Arriving

Changes are happening quickly here at Redekop Manufacturing.  Over the last two months we have been busy!  We have moved our welding & rotor fabrication into a temporary facility in Saskatoon, while keeping production steady on our OEM products. Back at the Redekop sight the old building has been removed and salvaged.   Cleanup and inventory is being done of the leftover remnants from the fire.  


As truckloads of steel go to the salvage yard, truckloads of new machines have been rolling in.  It has been exciting watching the new equipment arrive and get unloaded and wait for it to be setup.  We have received a new Haas Mini Mill, and Lathe which were installed last week and are already busy machining new parts and blade bushings.  


We are expecting the completion on the installation of a new 20ft X 6ft Omax water jet sometime this week, and hope to have a few more metal manufacturing machines up and running by the end of the month.  Everyone here at Redekop is doing what it takes to get restarted, and we appreciate all our customers being patient with us in the rebuilding process.  



Moving Ahead...

Over the past few weeks things have been busy here at Redekop MFG.  Two of the remaining buildings have been modified for the welding and assembly of straw choppers.  We are proud to say our first shipment of straw choppers, after the fire, left Monday Nov 21st.  We are working through the decision process of determining our temporary & permanent location as well as the legalities that present themselves with moving forward.  Currently we are ordering & purchasing steel manufacturing equipment and are expecting delivery of it in the New Year.