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MAV™ Deluxe Complete Straw Chopper - Rear Windrow | New Holland Combines

The MAV™ Deluxe Complete Straw Chopper provides the replacement of the factory straw chopper and chaff spreader.  The Deluxe Straw Chopper allows straw to be dropped while still spreading the chaff.

Complete Straw Chopper for John Deere STS
  • Spread both chaff and straw through the straw chopper
  • Replaces factory straw chopper/chaff spreader
  • Spreads 25' to 45' wide
  • Cuts material finer with the 1" tight knife bar spacing
  • Adjust spreading width quickly with the split tailboard
  • Change from chopping straw to dropping in seconds
  • Reverse blades when initial blade edge is worn
  • Knife bar bank breaks away when needed - minimizing damage
  • Residue is projected farther - minimizing dust around the combine
  • Achieve an even distribution of residue across width of the cutter bar.
  • Spread chaff while you windrow

The MAV™ Straw Chopper Upgrade is available for:

Combine Model:Order #
CR9090 130-080  
CR9070 / CR9080 130-060  
CR9040 / CR9060 130-050  
CR970 130-020  
CR920 / CR940 / CR960 130-030  

Available Upgrade Options:

Upgrade Option:Order #
PLUS+ Wide Spread Kit - MAV Choppers 810-060 Higher velocity distribution kit for spread widths 36ft and greater
Slow Speed Drive - Corn - CR Wide Body 190-010 Drive componets c/w hardened corn door
Slow Speed Drive - Corn - CR Narrow Body 190-030 Drive componets c/w hardened corn door

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