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MAV™ Straw Chopper Housing and Rotor Upgrade | New Holland Combines

The MAV™ Straw Chopper housing and rotor upgrade provides the replacement of the factory straw chopper housing, rotor, and tailboard. This upgrade cuts extra fine, spreads wider, and spreads straw only - chaff is spread with factory spreaders.

Straw Chopper Walker Housing and Rotor
  • Replaces factory straw chopper housing, rotor, and tailboard only
  • Chaff is not spread with straw
  • Spreads 25' to 45' wide
  • Cuts material finer with the 1" tight knife bar spacing
  • Adjust spreading width quickly with the split tailboard
  • Change from chopping straw to dropping in seconds
  • Reverse blades when initial blade edge is worn
  • Knife bar bank breaks away when needed - minimizing damage
  • Residue is projected farther - minimizing dust around the combine
  • Achieve an even distribution of residue across width of the cutter bar

The MAV™ Straw Chopper Housing and Rotor Upgrade is available for:

Combine Model: Order #
CR970 Deluxe 120-050 Replaces Deluxe Factory Chopper
CR920 / CR940 / CR960 Deluxe 120-040 Replaces Deluxe Factory Chopper
CR970 Standard 120-020 Replaces Standard Factory Chopper
CR920 / CR940 / CR960 Standard 120-010 Replaces Standard Factory Chopper
CX840 CX860 120-030
TX66-88 120-070 ** Before TX66 S/N 820799 and Before TX68 S/N 830699
TX66-88 120-080 ** After TX66 S/N 820799 and After TX68 S/N 830699

Available Upgrade Options:

Upgrade Option: Order #
PLUS+ Wide Spread Kit - MAV Choppers 810-060 Higher velocity distribution kit for spread widths 36ft and greater
Slow Speed Drive - Corn - CR / CX 190-050 Drive componets for chopping Corn

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